Expert Alpaca Shearing

"I only shear beautiful alpacas"

Steve Blair shearing a gray male alpaca

Steve Blair
London, OH

Over fourteen years experience
shearing Huacaya and Suri alpacas

Please read our shearing contract!

Who Am I?

I have been raising sheep in central Ohio under the name "Little Rest Farm" for over 35 years.  I have shorn a variety of sheep breeds over the past 40 years, and have shown my sheep at local and regional fairs from Missouri to Massachusetts, winning many top awards.  I know what a top-notch shearing job can do for an animal in competition, and I know how proud you can be to see that beautiful animal in your pasture.

I started shearing alpacas nine years ago when my veterinarian asked me to do work for him. I hooked up with my friend Jim Petkosek in northeast Ohio for that job, as Jim had been shearing alpacas for a few years prior to that. We became partners and the rest is history.  We shear separately for local jobs, and travel together when we can.

I love to travel and will go anywhere for my regular shearing fees if my travel expenses are paid.


Y Knot Alpacas

Last updated: July 31, 2009